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Student of the Month — Dexter Freeman

WAHS senior is the total package

Photo By Siara SprattPhoto By Siara Spratt

June 7, 2017
By Haley Cutaia | Contributing Writer

West Ashley High School senior Dexter Freeman recently felt the honor and surprise of being selected as the Student of the Month. “Dexter is a caring and intelligent young man, who is humble, friendly, and hardworking,” says West Ashley High School Counselor Molly West. Freeman believes he earned this honor because of his upbeat, positive attitude in the classroom. “I’m never negative about anything,” Freeman says.

Freeman’s positivity is evident in the classroom, on the football field, and even when he is hanging out with friends. “Dexter is well liked among his peers,” says West. “I love helping people; it’s one of my strengths,” says Freeman. Because of this, he comes to school every day excited for the opportunity to be able to help others.

“Dexter works hard in the classroom and on the football field and meets challenges head on,” says West. Most of Freeman’s friends are on the football team, a team that he is thankful to have been able to play on. Freeman’s football skills helped him earn a full scholarship to Newberry College. “It’s one of my biggest achievements,” says Freeman. “I want to study physical therapy or business there and get my Masters.”

“Dexter is a great example of what a student athlete should be,” says West. He always puts school first and enjoys learning. “I really like history,” says Freeman. “I love to learn about past events.” He especially enjoys getting to work with others, a trait that has helped him stand out as a leader. “[Dexter] has the ability to find commonalities with others and bring people together,” says West. “This has allowed him to be a leader in group settings both on and off the field.”

Freeman recognized that his parents had to work hard for their achievements; seeing their success influenced him to work hard too. Tom Brady is also to thank; Freeman admires Brady’s ability to handle bad situations and how Brady never seems to let his past mistakes negatively impact his performance on the field.

A motto that Freeman lives his life by is from Rickson Gracie: “If size mattered, the elephant would be the king of the jungle.” The quote inspires Freeman, reminding him he can do whatever his heart desires. Freeman advises to always, “do what makes you happy, not others.”

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