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Speeding Citations Increased 53 Percent in 2017

City of Charleston Police Department Awarded Highway Safety Grant


November 10, 2017
From Staff Reports

The Charleston Police Department has been awarded a continuation grant for the ongoing City of Charleston Speed Enforcement Initiative. The amount of the grant awarded is $139,465.

This is the second year the City of Charleston has been awarded grant funding for the Speed Enforcement Initiative. In October 2016, the Charleston Police Department was awarded $226,158. These funds have supported the employment of two additional police officers as well as the purchase of two police vehicles.

As a result of the enhanced enforcement efforts during 2017, the Charleston Police Department observed an increase of 53.6 perent in the number of speeding citations issued, 18.9 percent in impaired driving arrests, and an increase of 12.1 percent in the number of overall citations for non-speeding moving violations. Additionally, the number of public roadway collisions in 2017 is down 0.3 percent compared with 2016.

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