State of The School Address

September 6, 2017

As West Ashley High School heads into its 17th year as the public flagship high school within the West Ashley Community, questions abound....Read More

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A Little Taste Of Autumn

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Let’s Take A New Middle Road On Confederate Monuments

Mention the word “Confederate” these days and you sound like you’re itching for an argument. It shouldn’t be that way.

For...Read More

Teacher Recruitment and Retention Big Problem in CCSD

The Citadel Zucker Family School of Education hosted a forum Thursday at the Francis Marion Hotel on the emerging teacher shortage in Charleston...Read More

Having a Ball in the Mall

Local developer Richard Davis is attempting to slam-dunk one of the most vexing problems faced by suburban America: What are we going to do...Read More

A Collaborative Craft Dinner

It only makes sense that Charleston’s world-class culinary scene and emerging craft brewing scene would collide. This has never been more...Read More

You Almost Had It!

Vince Fabra, a local comedian and West Ashley resident, is no stranger to sharing insight and challenging those around him. As a professional...Read More