A West Ashley Homecoming

September 4, 2013

Urban legends are strong in any community, particularly in situations where there is limited written and validated material.

“J.C....Read More

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End Power Of County Legislative Delegations

The perfect example of South Carolina legislators saying one thing and doing another is the decades-old struggle between state and local governments.

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Heavy Meddle

West Ashley resident Charlie Smith may have just succeeded in holding back the hands of time this week when he interrupted a permitted demolition...Read More

Wildcats Shine at Sertoma Classic

West Ashley High School had an all-around successful Sertoma Classic this past Thursday night. Not only did the Wildcat cheerleaders lead...Read More

Love of Animals

West Ashley resident Claire Boinest was a young girl when her Aunt Jo Fetzer showed up at Christmastime with a cobalt blue box. Inside, there...Read More

Finding Finklestein’s

The creatures from Finklestein’s Center aren’t sad, but the slightly low slant of the hand stitched mouths and the dark, Gorey-esque eyes...Read More

Iron Brew Champion Crowned

Earlier this month Mellow Mushroom Avondale owners Johnny Hudgins and Joshua Broome presented Nick Gavalas co-founder of the Gavalas Kolanko...Read More