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Weekly incident reports for West Ashley


July 4, 2017
From Police Reports

The following were taken from actual incident reports filed last week by the City of Charleston Police Department. These are not convictions and the names of businesses, complainants, and suspects have been left out to protect the innocent. All suspects are  innocent until proven guilty … of course.

A Bossis Drive woman told police that her ex-boyfriend jumped out the bushes and attacked her while she was taking a walk in her neighborhood. Running away from the man, the woman tripped, and curled into a ball to protect herself as the man kicked her twice.

Police responded to Piper Drive, after an alert from an automated license plate reader had triggered on an apparently stolen $30,000 car. The driver and his passenger were detained without incident. A search of the car turned up a small amount of marijuana and a stolen .380-caliber handgun with three hollow-point rounds in the magazine. The driver waived his rights and spoke with officers about how he got the car, and the driver’s license of another man in his front pocket. The driver said he had no idea the car was stolen, nor that there was gun in the car.

A woman told police she was attacked in a Savannah Highway motel room by the girlfriend of the man she had rented the room with. The woman told police she and the man had rented the room for the night, but he was called away. Later while she slept, another woman gained entrance to the room with a cardkey, and confronted her as she lay alone in bed. The girlfriend threw a box of pizza and chicken wings at the woman, while also hurling insults at her. The motel receptionist told police that he’d given the girlfriend a key because of how confident she’d acted asking for it.

An employee at a Glenn McConnell hardware megastore told police that a man provided a fake ID to purchase more than $3,300 in contractor supplies on an account. The employee said a similar event had taken place at the store’s Mt. Pleasant location. The account holder has refused the charges.

June 14 | WIRE FRAUD
A Jobee Street man told police that he was the victim of more than $6,000 in wire fraud. The man had tried to update his computer firewall technology, paying for it online. He soon received notice the computer security company had gone out of business and a company representative mistakenly refunded him 10 times the original purchase amount. The man repeatedly sent wire transfers of several thousand dollars, told they weren’t going through. He soon discovered that the so-called “refunds” weren’t legitimate or from banks, as he’d been told.

The owner of a Savannah Highway cellular store reported to police he was watching a live security feed of two women robbing his store, and attempting to steal cellphones. When an officer arrived on the scene, it was discovered the front glass door had been shattered. A foot pursuit of the alleged perpetrators soon ensued, with one juvenile female being caught a few blocks away.

Police arrived at a William Kennerty Drive apartment complex to find a couple fighting, with both bleeding from multiple wounds. The man told police that he and his girlfriend had been arguing earlier, so he asked to be dropped off at the complex. The girlfriend later returned and a physical fight between the two broke out, that resulted in the man suffering “multiple lacerations to his back, right triceps, and hands, as well as a bloody nose, after he was pushed into a glass window. The man admitted to having pushed his girlfriend, and both were arrested.

An Ashley Hall Road woman told police that her ex-boyfriend and mother of three of her children had hit her with his car, as well as having broken into her house to speak to their shared children. Earlier during a visit with the kids, the woman said her ex-boyfriend had become “disrespectful,” and she’d asked him to leave, which he did. Later, she said, he made multiple attempts to call her on the phone, which she refused to answer. The man soon returned, and eventually climbed into her apartment through a bathroom window, and forced his way into her bedroom, she claimed. When the man later began to pull out and leave in his car, the woman claimed his car hit her even though he was looking at her in his rearview mirror. A neighbor said the woman had been knocked back “a few feet” by the car.


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