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Weekly incident reports for West Ashley


June 15, 2017
From Police Reports

The following were taken from actual incident reports filed last week by the City of Charleston Police Department. These are not convictions and the names of businesses, complainants, and suspects have been left out to protect the innocent. All suspects are  innocent until proven guilty … of course.

Police responded to a report of an armed robbery at a Skylark Drive loan business. A clerk said a man wearing a dark hoodie, armed with a semi-automatic handgun took an unknown amount of cash with him and fled the shop on foot.

A Paddlecreek Avenue man called police and reported that he’d spotted a neighbor dropping apparently stolen items in the backyard of the neighbor’s home. The man confronted the neighbor, who apparently had blood on the back of his hand, to return the items or he would call the police. Police came to the neighbor’s home, but noticed he had fled out the backdoor of his house. Searching the house, officers found a trove of items that apparently belonged to another neighbor down the street, which included an expensive purse, two small Yankee Candles, a remote control for a television, and a medical appointment card. Police found where the name on the card lived, and found the rear door had been “shattered.” Soon, that neighbor came by and identified many of their personal items. A second call for service for roughly the same issue in the same neighborhood occurred later that day.

Employees at a Sam Rittenberg Boulevard convenience store told police a man had tried use fake $100 bills that had the words “For Motion Picture Use Only” printed on them to purchase items there earlier. The store owner said the man was a regular customer and thought he had been cheated by someone else when they gave him the counterfeit bills.

Police arrived at a Moore Drive residence and met with a woman with a “bloody mouth,” who directed them that her boyfriend was being restrained by another man in the backyard after her boyfriend punched her in the mouth. When police got to the backyard, they found two men wrestling in the backyard, including the woman’s boyfriend who’d allegedly opened up a wound in the other man’s head with a punch. When asked what happened, the woman said her boyfriend had become angry earlier in the day when she cooked pulled pork instead of a steak. The boyfriend left on his motorcycle, and returned later and while parking, had the bike fall over on him, pinning him beneath. Soon after the boyfriend was freed, he walked over and pushed the woman out of a chair next to a fire pit and then allegedly according to witnesses punched her in the head with a closed fist. Police reported that all three of the people in the incident were quite inebriated.

A man walked into the Mary Ader Avenue police station to report he’d been assaulted at his Razorback Lane residence by his cousin who thought he had made romantic advances on his cousin’s girlfriend. The man said the woman had instigated the advances, and that he refused, but when he went to go talk about it with another roommate, the cousin burst in and confronted him. The man said he left and got into his car, but his cousin came outside and punched him the face as he sat in his car. The man found out through a cell phone call that his cousin had begun throwing all of his belongings out in the yard, including a gaming console, several video games, a guitar, and an end table.

Police arrived at a Wappoo Road address and found a dead man lying on the sidewalk. A woman had come upon the man earlier and called police after attempting to perform CPR on the man. The dead man’s roommate was found, and said that the man had left their apartment earlier that day to go get medicine for a third roommate on his moped. But the moped stopped working, and the man had called for a ride.

Police arrested a Sam Rittenberg Boulevard couple on a mutual charge of domestic violence, and had to have their shared dog picked up for care by a local shelter. The fight started when the boyfriend either “nudged” or “kicked” the girlfriend in her forehead to wake her so they could discuss her credit cards being denied at the grocery store.


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