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Mug Shots

Weeky incident reports for West Ashleyy


March 31, 2017
From Police Reports

The following were taken from actual incident reports filed last week by the City of Charleston Police Department. These are not convictions and the names
of businesses, complainants, and suspects have been
left out to protect the innocent. All suspects are  innocent until proven guilty … of course.

March 21
A manager at an Old Towne Road convenience store said he discovered more than $500 in counterfeit money that had been pulled aside and identified as problematic by a former employee who had just been fired for allegedly embezzling more than $1,500. Because the employee who identified the money was no longer an employee, the manager said they couldn’t find out when the money had been used at the store. That same employee had been allegedly spotted on video pocketing three, $500 money orders.

March 21
A manager at a Sam Rittenberg Boulevard jewelry store said a man came into the store nicely dressed, with braided hair and applied for an in-store credit card with a limit of $12,000. The man then purchased just over $10,000 in jewelry, including two sets of $2,000 earrings. After the man had left, the store’s fraud department informed them the account was fraudulent and to contact police. The man whose identity had been used in the incident arrived later that day to challenge the charges, as they had just popped up on his credit-monitoring service. The store told the man he would not be liable for the jewelry, but advised him to get a police report, too.

March 21
A West Ashley man told police that while he was walking his dog along Bidwell Circle, a pit bull emerged unchained from one of the houses and attacked his dog. The man’s dog suffered several lacerations to the chest, back, and right rear leg. The owner of the dog emerged and took the dog inside, apologizing multiple times. The man took the dog to a nearby animal hospital, where the owner of the pit bull soon arrived and put down a $500 cash deposit for care of the injured animal. The owner of the pit bull apparently also has another pit, as well as two children living in his residence.

March 21
A Treebark Drive man met with police at their Bees Ferry Road office to report someone had opened multiple store credit accounts with his identity. The culprit charged close to $1,200 at a local department store, as well as close to $2,400 at a superstore.

March 21
Police arrested a man already suspected of shoplifting more than $50 of food from a Folly Road grocery store and then attempting to break into a parked truck at a nearby house. Police picked up a man that resembled descriptions given by witnesses of both supposed crimes. They brought the man back to the grocery store for identification, and brought the resident whose truck had been tried. The resident didn’t have to get out of the police cruiser before she identified the man as he was being walked back into the store.

March 22
A Sam Rittenberg Jewelry store reported a woman having taken several gold items without paying for them. An employee said a woman speaking a thick indecipherable African language arranged to purchase more than $33,000 in watches and gold jewelry, and left a $500 cash deposit. The woman was able to make a “subtle hand movement” and hid the gold under her purse and walked away from the store. Those items soon turned up at a nearby pawn shop, and were returned to the store, costing the pawn shop close to $1,000 cash.

March 22
Police were surveilling a Magnolia Road convenience store in regards to several complaints of drug sales. When they approached the store, a man standing outside reached into his back pants pocket and ran into the store. Following the man in, police confronted him as he walked back from the beer cooler. Returning to the cooler, police found several grams of marijuana in the cooler.


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