From Police Reports

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February 4
Super Bowl gone bad

Officers responded after receiving a call about domestic violence. The woman who made the call said that she and her husband were at a Super Bowl party, where she had 5 beers and 3 shots. Her husband had 7 beers and 5 shots. When they got home, and argument ensued and she reported that her husband shouted several times, “I hate you,” and grabbed her by the arm. She was transported to the hospital for checking; the husband was not on site.

February 6
Hide And Go Seek

Officers arrived at a location to serve a family court warrant. A woman answered the door and said that the subject “is not here and does not live at this address,” slamming the door in the officers face. He knocked again, and she said, “he ain’t here, get a warrant.” Backup arrived, but in the meantime, the subject came out of the house and turned himself in.

February 8
A Clean Getaway

A woman and her boyfriend were at a carwash vacuuming out their car. The woman set her purse on the ground to continue vacuuming the vehicle, when another car pulled up beside them. A few moments later, they noticed the purse was gone.

February 9
Too broke to buy

A man was in a local gas station when he tried to steal a Bud Light beer bottle by hiding it under his coat. The bottle slipped out and broke in the floor, but the suspect left before the manager had time to make contact.

February 9
A Pain in The Side

Officers responded to a woman who called to report a “dirty, unkempt” man refusing to leave her salon. The man said that he knew the owners of the property, and was an alcoholic. He was transported to MUSC because of a bulging hernia in his abdomen.

February 9
M.C. Vomit Breath

An officer conducted a traffic stop after observing a car traveling 80 mph in a 55 mph zone. When speaking with the driver, the officer noticed that he smelled marijuana, alcohol, and saw vomit on the driver and all in his car. He said he was leaving a local bar, where he was a rapper. The officer asked about the vomit, and at first, the driver said it was because he ate a bad burrito, but later he said it was from some bad broccoli. He provided a breath sample and blew a 0.08, and was lodged for DUI.

February 10
Fake out for fast food

A man tried to purchase his food from a fast food restaurant using a counterfeit $20 bill. The employee noticed that the bill looked suspicious, so the man handed the employee a real $20 bill, and asked for the fake one back.

February 10
Repeated Offense

Officers met with a woman who said that several men where hiding under her house, but as soon as the police showed up, they left. Officers have responded to the location 26 times since Jan. 1 over similar issues.

February 11
Don’t Cry Wolf

An officer responded to a location after a 911 hang-up. Upon arrival, he met with a woman who said that she had been arguing with her husband over their crying child, so she called 9-1-1.

February 11
Against the in-law

A woman called the Sheriff’s Department after receiving several phone calls from collections agencies about owed money. The calls were intended for her daughter-in-law, who listed the woman’s number as her own. The woman has no contact with her daughter-in-law, and wants the companies to stop calling.