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October 26, 2017
By T.O. Sanders | Special to West Of

Dear Editor:

I read with interest Andy Brack’s column. The premise, “Stricter rules for guns will lead to less gun violence” is disproven by the state of affairs in Chicago which has the most strict gun control in the country — and the highest rate of gun violence.

Where gun violence is concerned, the shooter is the problem — not the gun. Vehicles (in France & in Charlottesville, Vir.) and box cutters (911 high jackers) have been used to kill. Should these items have stricter regulations on them? Should they be banned outright? When we begin regulating, where do we stop?

The 2nd Amendment is in place to protect citizens from both our government and from enemies of our government. If bump stocks (and assault rifles) are out-right prohibited, then the ability of the citizen to protect himself and his fellow citizens is curtailed when facing an enemy who has this technology.

The real problem with America is self-centeredness of its people (Mr. Brack incorrectly calls it “individualism.” However, individualism refers to one who is self-sufficient, as in “rugged individualism”) along with their moral decay. Self-centeredness is the natural state of man without the restraints set forth in the 10 Commandments. (Our federal buildings in Washington, DC are filled with references to God and to the 10 Commandments, because our forefathers recognized that freedom, and our ability to conduct ourselves such that we can sustain freedom, is a gift from God). Without God in our society (which the Left seeks), what prevails is self-centeredness with no sense of right or wrong, no regard for life and no regard for others.

Rather than pushing for gun control, we should be pushing for America to seek God. Because seeking God requires faith, the Left sees it as unreasonable and foolish. Living (or rather striving to live) according to the teachings of the Bible is the answer to all of America’s ills, including gun violence. This is the only solution which addresses the “heart” of the problem.

— T.O. Sanders,

Sanders Law Firm, LLC

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