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Athlete of the Week — Jamane Peterson

December 21, 2016

West Ashley High junior, Jamane Peterson...Read More

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Athlete of the Week

Senior wrestler Harrison Lankford is pinning his opponents against the mat this year. “When he steps on the mat he is very confident that...Read More

Athlete of the Week:

Wildcat senior and Varsity wide receiver Tyler Walker earned the honor of being named this week’s Athlete of the Week. “He did everything...Read More

West Ashley’s Own National Champion

West Ashley tennis pro Brian Burke has brought back a national championship for the sixth time in the past 10 years.

Burke, the current...Read More

You Can’t Do It By Yourself

Senior Wildcat safety and running back Tyquan Campbell was named this week’s Athlete of the Week. “It’s exciting and I feel honored,”...Read More

Cheer Comes First

Senior Cheerleading captain Amanda Eubanks says she always tries to be a “respectable Wildcat leader” so when she found out she was the...Read More

Work Hard, Swim Hard

Senior swim captain Cooper Bennett recently placed second in the 50-meter freestyle and 100-meter freestyle events at the South Carolina High...Read More