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Quite the Team Player

October 17, 2017

Sophomore Madison Clayton is currently enrolled in online school via Connections Academy, but since she lives within the district, she’s...Read More

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Athlete of the Week — Adam Bauer

West Ashley High School freshman Adam Bauer is making an impact on the Varsity Swim Team this year. “He chooses to push himself in every...Read More

Athlete of the Week: Maggie Runyon

Maggie Runyon is a sophomore at West Ashley High School and one of the top competitors on the Varsity Girls Golf Team. With two years left...Read More

Simply The Best

Despite being called the Cainhoy Athletic Strikers, the U11 girls’ team is based out of West Ashley, features all West Ashley girls, and...Read More

Athlete of the Week: Kenyatta Jenkins

Although Kenyatta Jenkins is only a junior at West Ashley High School (WAHS), he’s still the starting quarterback for the Varsity football...Read More

Athlete of the Week: Mikaili Ross

West Ashley High School senior Mikaili Ross is enjoying the beginning of his first year on the Cross Country team. “He has been deeply committed...Read More

Having a Ball in the Mall

Local developer Richard Davis is attempting to slam-dunk one of the most vexing problems faced by suburban America: What are we going to do...Read More