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The Ultimate Competitor

January 14, 2015

With football season over, Ja’Quan Gallant needed something else to fill his time. So he took up wrestling....Read More

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West Of’s Athlete of the Week

When asked what her hobbies were, junior Leah Ledford’s answer is simple. Cheerleading. “The girls are like family,” she says of her...Read More

Running Down a Dream

With football season over, West Ashley High School running back Cameron Byas needs to find something else to keep him running. Since the 2nd...Read More

West Of’s Athlete(s) of the Week

The West Ashley High School girls’s golf team recently competed in the Lower State Tournament in Sumter. The Wildcats golf program continues...Read More

Intercontinental Serve

From Germany to the United States, Lisa Cording has been playing tennis for years. As part of an organization in Germany, Cording was selected...Read More

A Photo Finish

Carson Carroll, the usual photographer of West Of’s Athlete of the Week, is now this week’s Athlete of the Week. To stay in shape for...Read More

West Of Athlete of the Week — Daniel Coury

As a junior at West Ashley High School, Daniel Coury not only tackles the school work, but he also takes on three different sports: swimming...Read More