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Redrawing Political Lines Is Best Hope For Better Legislature

August 31, 2017

State lawmakers have the power to alter the way the legislature works to make it more representative of all South Carolina and, in turn, boost...Read More

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Making A Difference

Everyone’s experience in high school is different. Some have it easier than others. Regardless of the situation, everyone experiences adversity...Read More

Big Changes For West Ashley Schools

The 2017-2018 school year will be one of great change in West Ashley.  Springfield Elementary School, Ashley River Creative Arts Elementary,...Read More

The New Sheriffs in Town

Among the 10 public schools in West Ashley, around one-third of them will have a new leader to start the 2017-18 school year, with at least...Read More

Start Off On the Right Foot

Fabulon — a Center for Art Education is hosting a special workshop this Wednesday, Aug. 9 with professional organizer and productivity...Read More

A True Friend To Our Schools

For the last century, there have been few industries in the United States that are more rooted in their respective community than the local...Read More


The problem of understaffing in the Charleston food and beverage industry may have found its solution in the award-winning culinary program...Read More