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First Debate Shows Signs of Media Bias

October 12, 2016

The first Presidential debate at Hofstra University in New York was moderated by MSNBC anchor Lester Holt. By all indications, Holt was slanted...Read More

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Yes, Love Is Progress And Hate Is Expensive

If you’re relatively new to the state or under age 50, you may not know the story of Esau Jenkins.

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Charleston Is A Battleground County

Every day, we hear about the latest polls in the “battleground states” in the Presidential race – those which are evenly divided between...Read More

HOAs Detract From Sense of Community

The Shadowmoss Plantation subdivision Homeowners Association (HOA) members are embroiled in a battle over the board of directors’ actions...Read More

Political Cockfighting Starts Already Over Next Year’s Budget

Political positioning has already started for next year’s state budget, not that you should be surprised.

The culprits are two big...Read More

District 10 Drama Continues

Something rare happened at a recent District 10 constituent school board meeting – a unanimous vote was taken. The District 10 board voted...Read More