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An Idea For Protecting Iconic Rural Heritage Sites

January 20, 2014

Every time Charleston architect Steve Coe rides through Timmonsville on the way to visit family, he wonders whether an old, leaning tobacco...Read More

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Legislators Should Tackle Really Tough Issues

One of the amazing things about what goes on in the state General Assembly is what doesn’t go on — how some issues are continuing...Read More

Coming Up in 2014

It’s a New Year and every magazine is asking “New You?” Resolutions abound on Facebook and in every fitness center commercial. My Pinterest...Read More

Gratitude is An Attitude

I’ve been thinking about gratitude lately. Mainly because I’ve been feeling particularly grateful. I’m healthy, finishing up graduate...Read More

Public Education, Workforce Development Related

Public education and workforce development are two sides of the same coin.

Maybe if more of our political leaders realized that, there...Read More

Beatty’s Intemperate Remarks Will Cost Him

S.C. Supreme Court Associate Justice Don Beatty has talked himself out of a future job — chief justice of the state’s highest court.

Media...Read More

Holiday Purpose

The holidays are upon us. Thanksgiving is over and the Christmas rush has begun. I’m a Christmas junkie. I admit it. I’m cheesy for any...Read More