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21 Days & Counting

September 17, 2013

Today is the 19th day of a 21 day cleanse I’ve been doing along with my husband. I can’t believe it is almost over. On Day 1, 21 days...Read More

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Day Trip

Sometimes, you just need to get out of town. Sometimes, when you live in Charleston,...Read More

South Carolina’s Poor

So here’s a regular guy in the street question: How many people in South Carolina get welfare — cash payments to help them make it...Read More

End Power Of County Legislative Delegations

The perfect example of South Carolina legislators saying one thing and doing another is the decades-old struggle between state and local governments.

Conservative...Read More

Give Government A Good Brand

Government gets a bad rap.

Just about everywhere you turn, it seems people are ragging on government, as if they’ve given much thought...Read More

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up to Re-trend, the clothing swap held Sunday, Aug. 18 at the Tin Roof. The swap was a hit, with ladies and...Read More

Legislators Need To Stop Pulling Wool Over Our Eyes

At best, what South Carolina legislators are doing to state government borders on irresponsible. At worst, it’s almost criminal.

Lawmakers...Read More