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Do You Want A West Ashley Without Cars?

May 24, 2017

The West Ashley Master Plan took another step with the Work in Progress presentation by consulting firm Dover Kohl recently at Citadel Mall,...Read More

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The Legislature’s Wild 2017 Ride

The General Assembly’s 2017 legislative session is sure to be remembered for a long time as a wild ride.

Two things stand out. First,...Read More

WAHS Turmoil Bad For The Community

The local high school should be the lifeblood of a community. The recent decision by Charleston County School District Superintendent Gerrita...Read More

People are #waitingfor2018, Thanks to Health Care Mess

If you think Obamacare is a disaster, get ready for whatever it is that the Congressional Republicans passed to fix the Affordable Care Act...Read More

Petition Drive Underway To Preserve Ashley Hall Plantation

A petition drive is underway to preserve the historic Ashley Hall Plantation property at the intersection of Ashley Hall Plantation Rd. and...Read More

A Pat On The Back To Grooms, Sheheen For Practical Roads Bill

Larry Grooms and Vincent Sheheen pored over spreadsheets for weeks looking for a solution that hornswoggled their state Senate colleagues...Read More

Paving Wetlands Is The Real Environmental Threat

President Donald Trump recently signed an executive order allowing the Interior Department to review the prospects of oil and natural gas...Read More