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Curse of the Black Thumb

March 11, 2014

Daylight Savings Time plus the first days of real sunshine in a long time mean Spring is right around the corner. I jumped the gun last week...Read More

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“Minimally Adequate” Isn’t Good Enough

If there’s one thing that permeates our culture, it’s that we want the best — the winning sports team, the best doctor to treat...Read More

The Case of the Missing ATMs

Folks, if any of you know someone in management at South Carolina Federal, Union (SCFU) now is your chance for a possible reward. Please call...Read More

The Dumbing Down Of Democracy

There’s a reason for the old adage that watching laws being made is like making sausage. Why? Because it’s so messy.

Quite simply,...Read More

Fridge Funk

This week I took on the dreaded household task of cleaning out the refrigerator. Mind you, this chore was two weeks overdue. A weird smell...Read More

The Politics Of Taking And Refusing Federal Money

The eagerness that the Haley Administration showed in seeking federal disaster assistance during this month’s Great Ice Storm makes one...Read More

Detention Pond

There are many things in life that bother me — mosquitoes, taxes, and bad drivers to name a few. The first two in the above list are easy...Read More