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Able and Dependable

April 20, 2017

Before there were City Council members representing Districts west of the Ashley, there were Aldermen representing Wards. When the decision...Read More

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Ground Breaking

Development has become a double-edged shovel in West Ashley.

On one hand, everyone is excited about the new Whole Foods Market development...Read More

Seeds of Success

Starting next Wednesday, the city-run West Ashley Farmers Market will reopen for what is hoped to be the first of at least 25 weeks at Ackerman...Read More

Magnolia Easter Egg Hunt

More than 15,000 plastic eggs have been stuffed with candy and prizes for the 8th Annual Magnolia Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 15 at...Read More

Mug Shots

The following were taken from actual incident reports filed last week by the City of Charleston Police Department. These are not convictions...Read More

Garden Center Dedicated at Magnolia

For many, many years a cabin has stood unused near the ticket booth at Magnolia Plantation & Gardens. It has always been referred to as...Read More

Big Hats, Fast Horses Come To West Ashley

A new race meet, The Steeplechase of Charleston at Stono Ferry Racetrack in West Ashley, will join the National Steeplechase Association’s...Read More