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Pulling Out All the Stops

May 28, 2013

Located on the rural end of the Savannah Highway motor mile, out past the Interstate 526 onramps, sits the Melrose Neighborhood.

Built...Read More

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Driving Force

A major member of West Ashley’s motor mile has put his money where his heart is.

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Father’s Best Friend

My name is Bernie, I’m a West Ashley resident, and this is my true story. When I was just a pup, the two-leggeds who first took me couldn’t...Read More

Feed Me Seymour!

This week the Drama Studio of West Ashley High School (WAHS) presents the classic comedic musical Little Shop of Horrors. The cast,...Read More

Not Your Average Camper

Talk to Phil Burke for more than five minutes about the best way to mold the lives of young kids, and you start to doubt that his last name...Read More

Sign, Sealed, Delivered

The list of a community’s defining features would include churches, schools, stores, homes, and a post office. The ability to send and receive...Read More

Money ‘Parks’ Two Parks

If there’s one place that needs a facelift, it is the proposed site of the Northbridge Park just on the West Ashley side of the Cosgrove...Read More