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chART-A-Rama Returns

June 8, 2016

During his run up to city’s highest office, mayoral candidate John Tecklenburg said he wanted to bring more cultural events to West Ashley....Read More

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4th Wall Presents Visual Alchemy: Afrofuturism

This week a unique exhibit comes to West Ashley when 4th Wall presents Visual Alchemy: Afrofuturism, a collection of work from Cedric Umoja,...Read More

West Ashley’s Art Scene Evolves

It looks like everyone wants to get into the act, as several local groups have joined with City Hall’s recent effort to expand and strengthen...Read More

A Sweetheart From The South

You’ll find Laura Jane Vincent performing everywhere from clubs to coffee shops, art galleries to festivals, and everywhere in-between....Read More

Hey Mama, Welcome to the 60s

This week West Ashley High School presents its yearly musical when they perform the Broadway hit Hairspray in the school’s auditorium on...Read More

A Little Sketchy

Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art school is an alt-drawing movement where artists draw glamorous underground performers in an atmosphere of boozy...Read More

Leisurely Pursuits and Grand Entertains

Which sports were popular in Colonial America? How did gentlemen, ladies, and children amuse themselves in the 18th Century when invited to...Read More