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Still Stylin’

December 6, 2017

Mention the name “Nature Boy Ric Flair” at a public gathering anywhere in West Ashley, and you’ll be greeted with the legendary pro...Read More

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A Real Tour de Force

Recently, West Ashley High School’s The Drama Studio hosted a Fall Play Festival. This is the first time that they have put on this festival...Read More

Striking The Right Note

Only one thing will be missing from the celebration of former West Ashley High School band director Eddie Shealy’s life and career this...Read More

Life and Comedy After Death

Just in time for Halloween, 5th Wall Productions presents Ghost Walks Into a Bar, a new play by Mora V. Harris. With this dark comedy, 5th...Read More

Honoring Mr. Johnny

Sharon Turk, an artist and nature train guide at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, recently brought tears to the eyes of a family that has...Read More

Deep In The Forest

Eugene Horne has been making art for more than 40 years. He grew up in Augusta, Ga. where he first was exposed to art making in high school....Read More

MOJA Comes to West Ashley

As part of the MOJA Artst Festival, classically trained contemporary violinist Daniel D. Will perform a special free concert at the community...Read More