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Athlete of the Week: Maggie Runyon

Underclassman Maggie Runyon swings for her goals

Photo By Holli PettisPhoto By Holli Pettis

October 4, 2017
By Tyler Harrison | Contributing Writer

Maggie Runyon is a sophomore at West Ashley High School and one of the top competitors on the Varsity Girls Golf Team. With two years left in high school, her potential is through the roof. “Maggie is a very committed and determined competitor,” says Varsity Golf Coach Jenna Taylor.

Runyon has been on the Varsity team since she was a freshman, and she has been playing golf for a total of five years. She actually started her golf career when her parents signed her up her to play in a church league. Runyon was a bit resistant at first, but she has since learned to love golf and is glad her parents pushed her to play.

Striving to better herself and to improve in any way she can are two of Runyon’s priorities. Her goal this season is to shoot a 45 or lower by or before the end of the season. “Her desire and dedication will help her accomplish this goal,” says Taylor. “I try to focus on what’s important,” says Runyon.

One thing Runyon believes is important to do in order to achieve her goal is to maintain consistent scores. So far, she’s done a great job of this by scoring a 51 and 52 in the first two matches of the season. She was even the Low Medalist in the match against Berkeley High School last Tuesday. “Being consistent with scores, keeps everything in line,” says Runyon. “If you’re not as consistent, you don’t play as well, and it’s more fun when you play well.”

Her favorite things about the sport are her teammates and her coaches. “[They’re] very friendly and supportive,” says Runyon. “They do their best to make us better on and off the course.” One person she attributes her success this season to is Assistant Coach Gordon Williams. “He is a good person to go to for advice,” says Runyon.

Outside of golf, Runyon lives a busy and exciting life. She plays basketball, is a member of the Student Government Association (SGA), and is a member of the Chick-fil-A Leader Academy. Being a dedicated student, she always studies and does homework after school. When she is not involved in something for West Ashley High School, she is doing anything she can outside; her favorite outdoor activity is kayaking.

After high school, Runyon wants to go to college. Her top three choices are the College of Charleston, the University of South Carolina, and the University of Alabama. She plans to major in Speech Therapy because she wants to help others. “I like socializing and helping others get where they need to be,” says Runyon. Last summer she job shadowed at the Faucet Rehabilitation Center in order to get a better idea of the career she hopes to one day have. On top of this, Runyon is taking Career & Technology Education (CTE) classes at WAHS in order to become a Health Science Completer before graduation.

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