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Athlete of the Week — Craig Brown

WAHS junior baseball player is following in his dad’s footsteps

Photo Credit: Isabella WilkinsonPhoto Credit: Isabella Wilkinson

March 31, 2017
By Abigail Floyd | Contributing Writer

West Ashley High School junior c has been a dedicated baseball player since he started playing 13 years ago. He was happy to know that his coach nominated him to be the Athlete of the Week. “I feel honored,” says Brown.

“He threw a complete game against Ft. Dorchester,” said Varsity Baseball Coach Tyson Azevedo. “He had six strikeouts [and] gave up only one run and five hits.” It was an extremely close game, but thanks to Brown’s superb pitching, West Ashley High won by a score of 2-1.

This year Brown earned the title as the team’s “ace.” This means that Brown is the first pitcher in the team’s starting rotation, a high honor to achieve, especially as a junior. Brown is also capable of playing other positions on the field, something that not all pitchers are able to do. During WAHS’s most recent game, Brown played right field. He had four plays and got a base hit in the middle.

Reflecting on the beginning of the season and looking forward to the remainder of it, Brown expressed confidence and pride in his team. “We came out to a really great start [this season],” says Brown. He very much enjoys the atmosphere that baseball creates, how he can joke around with his teammates, have fun while playing, and make some great memories in the process. “There’s always crazy moments on the field,” says Brown.

Brown recognizes that he has his father to thank for all of the fun, crazy baseball experiences he has and will have. “My dad started playing in college,” says Brown. “He introduced [baseball] to me when I was young and it stuck.” Brown’s father plays a major role in his life. “My dad is a huge motivational guide for me,” says Brown. “He’s always there to help, and never gives up on me.”

Brown shows his dedication to baseball through all of the time and effort he devotes to preparing himself mentally and physically for every game. He does explosive agility workouts during practice to strengthen his legs. If he makes a mistake during practice or during a game, he says, “I try not to look back on mistakes.” Instead, he focuses on what he can do to get better and avoid making that mistake again in the future.

Although he puts lots of time and effort into preparing for baseball, schoolwork always comes first for Brown. He hopes to continue his baseball career in college at Wofford College, Duke University, or Furman University, where he plans to major in Sports Medicine. Brown has been taking all of the Career & Technology Education courses related to sports medicine that West Ashley High has to offer to help prepare himself for his future career. Brown’s dad works in sports medicine, and Brown plans to follow in his father’s footsteps.


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