The Myths of Avondale

April 5, 2018

For years, City Hall has touted the Avondale area of shops and restaurants as the “model” for future development in West Ashley. But should...Read More

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A Birds-Eye View

Technology has changed just about every industry imaginable. Art is no different. It has changed the way we receive and consume art, but it...Read More

Priest Builds Future to Heal the Past

Father JohnBosco Ikemeh discovered you can go home again.

In 2010, the MUSC chaplain traveled to his West African homeland. There,...Read More

Welcome to the Boobie Bazaar

West Ashley resident Valerie Trindle has a voluptuous personality.

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2018 Westie Awards

When discussing West Ashley, the term “revitalization” gets bandied about quite frequently. But our beloved parish is in the midst of...Read More